Archive | October, 2015

How Does A 504 Plan Assist Your Child In School?

You’ve noticed that your kid is struggling with school. She can’t seem to finish a test on time and gets distracted easily. You think it may have to do with her attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and you’re wondering if there is a way to assist her. You reach out to your child’s school, and a […]

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Breast Cancer In Men: What Makes It Different?

Breast cancer may largely be seen as a woman’s disease. While we’re used to campaigns about breast cancer featuring women, these campaigns miss another segment stricken with this disease: men. Breast cancer in men is significantly less common. The lifetime risk of getting breast cancer for men is about 1 in 1,000, according to the […]

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Second Baby: When Is It Time To Get Pregnant Again?

That chubby face, the toothless smile, those cute little fingers and toes. You just can’t get enough. You want another baby. Why wouldn’t you? They’re adorable. But as adorable as they may be, babies are expensive. Add another baby to the mix, and you’re talking through-the-roof expensive. Not to mention the strong support system you’ll […]

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