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Are You… Tough Enough to Wear Pink?

Most likely, if you see a bumper stick sporting a bright pink ribbon, you recognize the symbolism. When the NFL dons pink uniforms, you know the cause. That’s because a very wonderful thing has happened: breast cancer awareness has gone global. But in this time of frequent exposure, where everything is so wonderfully pink, the […]

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3 Embarrassing Men’s Health Issues You Need To See Your Doctor About

Your wife keeps nagging you to see the doctor about that embarrassing health condition you refuse to even talk about. You can’t possibly be experiencing erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence, or infertility … could you? If you’re still hesitating, a little information can go a long way toward putting you at ease, so you can deal […]

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Is Obesity Beautiful? Size 22 Supermodel Causes A Stir

Tess Holliday has been everywhere. The size-22 supermodel was recently on the cover of People magazine with the following quote: “You can be beautiful regardless of your size.” Sure, you can be beautiful, but can you be healthy? The 29-year-old’s popularity has sparked fierce debate about what message she’s sending. Is she promoting self-love? After […]

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