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Surprising Risk Factors For Diabetes: Your Child’s School and It’s Policies

Obesity and type 2 diabetes in children has been on the rise. You might be surprised to find that school policies can put kids at risk for obesity and diabetes. SOURCE: Center for Disease Control and Prevention Obesity and Diabetes Here are 4 questions to look into about your child’s school: 1. Does the school […]

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E-cigarette Safety: 4 Reasons That’s An Oxymoron

They’re devices that look like cigarettes. But instead of tobacco, they contain liquid nicotine. They operate off a battery and turn liquid nicotine into vapor that the smoker inhales. They’re called e-cigarettes, and manufacturers of e-cigarettes spend a lot of money to advertise them as better than traditional cigarettes. Source: American Journal of Preventive Medicine […]

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ADHD In Girls: 3 Things You Should Know

Boys are supposed to by hyper. And girls are supposed to be the calm, more mature ones, right? The issue with these stereotypes is that they overlook girls who might have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). People tend to be so quick to associate the condition with only the hyperactive component, and not the other […]

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