Archive | February, 2013

How to Manage Blood Sugar

Any chronic disease is tough to live with. If you have diabetes you know the special challenges this disease brings to the table. Here is a list of things you can do to help manage your blood sugar levels and keep diabetes under control. Avoid soda, juice and other high sugar beverages. Not a fan […]

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Love Your Heart

Break, burst, swell, sink. Race, fill, soar. Our hearts do a lot for us. What are we doing for our hearts? This week you have most likely been busy planning dates and buying flowers and chocolate (or planning nights in and buying ice cream and sweatpants), so how about taking a few minutes to love […]

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Our New PICU

A gentle touch. Homemade chicken noodle soup. A warm bath. As a child, these are the cornerstones of care that you get when sick. We all remember how loved and comforted our mothers or fathers made us feel.  We knew that although we didn’t feel good right then, soon everything would be better. We know […]

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